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Upgig is a gig-platform that matches companies with students and other young talents who are avaliable for flexibel jobs

Swedish fastest growing talent network

Reach easily to a big network of talents who are ready to take a gig directly. Publish a gig anytime, any day of the week and get applications from the talents who can work.

Minutes instead of days

Smart matching algorithms in a combination with a personal selection process help you find relevant candidates. You choose who is best qualified based on their profiles.

Smart matching

One tool for the whole process. The platform saves both time and money while making staffing easier. One place for all your extra resources in the same platform.  

Digital instead of manual

Find your talents today

Publish a gig and get applications from the talents that match the assignment. Invite the relevant candidates and build a stable staff pool according to your needs.

Choose a talent based on a profile with video pitch, text pitch and grades from previous assignments. If you need more information, you can always start chatting with the talent.

After the work done, you approve the time rapport from the talent and rate the gig’s performance. We will send an invoice for the time the talents have worked for you. 

Match with talents

Chat & hire

Approve & rate

Create an account, book a demo and get started quickly. Publish job assignments to our entire network or your talent pool in just a few clicks. You can see directly which talents can work for you!








We have jobs & talents in 11 categories

Customer Support







Upgig's profiles are based on text pitch and video pitch instead of long CVs. Much more fun and much easier! If you want to know more about your talent, the chat is always available to immediately start chatting.

According to the researcher Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research one 1 minute video says more than 1.8 million words.

Video Pitch for an easier and more enjoyable staffing

Adapted to your needs


When you need extra help at a certain time. Matching usually occurs within some minutes. 


When you have a task that should be done at a certain amount of time with previously decided start date and deadline. 


When you have a continuous need and you want to plan your staff regularly.

This is Upgig

Upgig matches giggers with companies in need of flexible labor. Our service includes a combination of a powerful gig platform and a network full of students and young talents available for flexible gigs.

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Become a gigger

Enjoy the freedom of flexibility. Work extra according to your own schedule.